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Tribalista Belly Dance

┬áThis is FiFi’s own mash-up style incorporating various styles and influences but is closely related to what may be recognised as Tribal/Gothique Fusion Bellydance.

This class will commences with a challenging warmup focussed on strengthening our core and increasing our flexibility for our dance through yoga based exercises and stretching. This is then followed by basic bellydance technique and drills, combinations and choreography. This class is not so much about dancing together (as our tribal classes are) but more about developing yourself as an individual dancer. We focus on training our muscle memory through repetitive drills and then developing combinations (short choreo sections) that can be pieced together by individuals or groups to create choreographies. Some choreographies may be taught and can be subsequently performed but this is not designed to be a performance class.

This is an OPEN level class targetted at all levels of student although some bellydance training (even basic) is assumed. From experienced dancers to keen beginners.